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So, in 2012 we had no dogs and five cats. Today we have nine cats, and fifteen dogs! How did our dream of WestPeaks Tinkerbullz begin?

Firstly, we are hobby breeders and know that there is always lots to learn. We came into this because of our total love for Bulldogs and to breed healthy, active, fit and functional dogs. We are certainly not in this for money! We spend every penny on our animals and plough any money made straight back into them.

We started with an Alapaha, who we still have, and who is a very formidable bitch indeed! At that point we had no intention of breeding. We then adopted a Dorset Old Tyme, our Murphy, and began to be seriously interested in bull breeds. The turning point for us was when we got Tinkerbelle . Gary picked her up the moment he saw her and didn’t put her down again until we got her home. Our plan was to have a litter as she was the most amazing dog but unfortunately she died of kidney failure at 15 months old.

After that we recovered, talked a lot, made plans and hit the ground running! Over the few years we have ended up with all these dogs. We now have English Bulldogs (our first love), Old English, New England, Olde Tyme and our first American Pocket Bully, Dynamights Blue Samurai, aka Valentino, a real character! All are raw fed, with supplements, and are in the best of health. They also all live in the house. We do have kennels, insulated, heated, lit, with radios playing quietly and with large runs with artificial grass, but they are only ever in there for a couple of hours. We are lucky to live in the middle of nowhere and have eight acres of land and, as a result of this, our dogs don’t know what a lead is, apart from those we take to shows. 

The showing has been very successful for us so far.  We have learnt a lot and hope to continue to do well.  We have made a Champion of Don Alfonso and his son, Salvatore, also made champion this year. We will be introducing the youngsters to it next year, including Ch. Alfonso’s son, Don Lorenzo, who is showing tremendous promise. 

Yes it’s hard work, yes the hours are long, yes the house isn’t like it used to be, no we can’t go out much, no we can’t really have visitors (is that a bad thing?!) But, would we change a thing? NO! Our dogs are our life. I do the hard work and my wife Ali does all the administration, gives advice and support and is in charge of cuddles. 

We strive to improve all the time. We offer a lifetime of support and advice to each and every puppy owner. We keep in touch with them all and are watching pups from our previous litters grow into fit, active, healthy family friendly dogs. They are the future………

Gary & Ali Blake
WestPeaks Tinkerbullz

At The Shows

Puppies For Sale

Here at WestPeaks Tinkerbullz we select our breeding parents with great care. All the dogs chosen for our Breeding Program are of Top Quality. Our Small Family Business began with Me, Gary, and my wife, Ali, and our mutual Love Of Dogs, especially the Bulldog Breeds. 

Dogs are friends for Life

Please be aware that these puppies are looking for there Forever Loving Home. Please do not be surprised when we ask for details of your home, working hours, family, lifestyle etc. We only want the best for our extended family.

KC Registered English Bulldogs

In 2019 we were delighted to announce that Salvatore and Nellie produced two absolutely stunning boys; chunky, strong and healthy.

In summer 2020 we were over the moon to announce that our beautiful Tiger had seven lovely puppies.

We were inundated with enquiries about these beauties and at four days old we only had one left available!



Tiger & Ch. Don Alfonso's pups


We had an extra special bundle from Santa this year! In the early hours of Christmas Day 2020 our precious Peanut had four spectacular puppies These pups are going to be proper little chunks with the most amazing temperaments inherited from their parents.

We would not normally have priced them so early but, due to the extremely high level of interest, we have done so. Vixen, the only female, is £4,250 and the three boys are £4,000 each.

Any enquiries by email or PM on FB Messenger please :-)

(We will also have news in mid January when Ruby Tuesday's pup(s) are expected!)

Don Vito (Black tri M)

Vixen (Blue F)

Blitzen (Blue M)

Prancer (Blue M)

Puppy Gallery

We Can Ship To The Following Airports...

- Toronto Canada 
- Boston
- Newark
- San Francisco
- Washington DC
- Chicago (Needs a broker though due to Late Arrival) 
- Orlando 

All above are with SAS Via Copenhagen. They are the only Airline that will take puppies at 10 weeks of age.

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Please contact us with any questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!